Monday, June 1, 2009


Phish kicked off their first summer tour in 5 years last night at the great Fenway Park and what a show it was! Starting off the night on the pitchers mound with the star spangled banner sung acapella, the boys had a great concert in store for everybody. The night was full of first time played songs, songs rarely played, classic tunes, spacey jams and blow out covers! They are really starting to get the feel for it again and if this is just them working out the kinks then this summer tour is going to be insane. To top it all off Trey is clean and sober and his tone sounds amazing, he definitly has the compressor back in his rig and doesn't have that nasty dirty raunchy sound as he did post hiatus. Don't get me wrong I liked some of the dirtier stuff but that sound did not work with alot of their stuff, not at all. All in all I have high expetactions for this tour and it's only a matter of time before they really go in a new direction and blow us all away (look up 97 funk) as long as it's not in some techno direction, I will never listen to them again if they do that crap. Please don't become some Techno wank meaningless p.o.s jamband. Im sure they won't but just the thought of that would be horrifying. You can download Fenway at , it's only 10 bucks and well worth it. Or try and find a free audience recording but they sound like shit, I would recomment getting the soundboards.

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