Friday, June 12, 2009

6.2.09 Jones Beach Show - Night 1

After the bold statement at Fenway park that Phish was back and better than ever, they continued their summer tour with a 3 night run at Jones Beach Amphitheater. Even though the weather was not promising the show that was about to come was. Starting the night off with Runaway Jim and Foam the boys showed that they have definitly been practicing and the tight, intracet phish that we all know and love was here to stay.

Next they debuted another new song from their upcoming album called "Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan." Which out of all the new tunes they have presented to us so far, this has to be my favorite. Continuing the set with timber/cities/Driver they came up to another highlight which was Reba. Reba (like foam) has a very comlex composed section in the beginning and they nailed it! The jam that followed was very moving and beautiful. Trey seems to be shaping the jams better then he did at the Hampton shows and to all you people who say Trey needs the drugs, go screw yourself. How selfish of you and Zappa never did drugs and look at what a genius he was...just sayin. They then finished off the first set with a mellow and peacefull "If I Could"
Second set had a nice little string of songs which was Mikes Song>Simple>Wolfman's Brother>Weekapaug Groove. The segues between the songs were a little sloppy and didn't seem to flow but it was still a nice attempt. Next came a great "When the Circus Comes to Town" and a new song debut of "Kill Devil Falls" (which happens to be my least favorite new tune). But now we come to the highlight of the entire show and in my opinion the entire run "Harry Hood" If nothing else download this show just for this one song you won't regret it. The middle section of the jam on this "Hood" is absolute bliss, like no other hood ive ever heard them play. In this song they remind us why we love them so much and keep coming back for more. There is no other band that can channel the energy of life like they can and do in this jam, NO ONE. If you want proof that there is a god and want to merge into it's pulse then listen to this jam. But of course after the psychedelic journey Trey sorta has a crash landing with the end of the song but it is all made up for by that middle section....
Tonight they play the bonnaroo festival and are going to tear the roof off the place. Poor festival is going to be flooded with phish

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