Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You are bound by karma! You are a slave to it! Ironically the more I say that to myself the more free I feel. There is no such thing as good or bad karma! Karma is just the unfolding of cause and effect, or aka your life! Just about an hour ago I was feeling depressed and frustraited and angry about my "situation" with not having a job and not knowing where Im going, etc etc. But sitting in meditation for an hour I burned all that away. I was able to see that I was feeling trapped by my situation at the moment and that Ive always felt trapped no matter what situation I was in. Wether it was school, or working at depot or not having anything to do at all like it is now. And Ive always fought the feeling of being trapped. I realized that if I was a millionaire I would feel just as trapped as I would if I were a bum on the street. And thats because you are! So intstead of fighting my karma I GO with it. But it's not just rolling over and submitting to whatever it is your dealing with. The whole game is about bringing CONCIOUSNESS to it. If you bring conciousness to your predicament you free yourself from it!

Burn it all away! Everything! Just burn it away! It's a battle between you and your ego, but you need that struggle inorder to create the fire to burn your shit in! Thoughts of self-conciousness arise? BURN IT! Feeling depressed? BURN IT! Thinking about someone that said something you didn't like? THROW IT IN THE FIRE! Even throw yourself in it! You CANNOT carry anything around with you because then you get defined by it and god is undefinable! The ego is very tricky and does not want to die. It will hang on to anything it can to not lose it's identity, and I mean anything. It is desperate for your attention and to make it as important as possible. Don't fall for it's tricks!

Realize that wherever you are in life right now, young or old, rich or poor, "successful" or not, you are playing your part in the drama PERFECTLY right now. Let go of EVEYTHING and you shall gain EVERYTHING

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