Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I love Phish

Ok so here's my first blog. Whatever that means anyway. I don't much care for writing. But here is why I love the phish so much. Where do I begin? Ive been listening to phish for a little over 3 years now. And I know thats not much as compared to some vetrans who have been following the band around for ages, but hey I don't care, I love the band. I remember getting my first cd of theirs at best buy in september of 05. It was LivePhish 20: 12.29.94 - providence civic center, and for some reason, while wandering around the cd aisle like I normally do, that cd just caught my eye. And I was like hey why not get it. Ive heard of them once before I think and if I don't like them then oh well. Little did I know that it would change everything for me. And the funny thing is that I can remember shortly before that saying that I wish I could find a band that was even better then Dave Matthews Band, because DMB was my favorite band at the time, but I can remember wishing to find some new music and a band that I would love even more then dmb. But anyway I listened to that cd and at first I had no idea what the hell was going on. I had no idea what kind of band they were or what category to place them in. They would be playing music that was so diffrent to what Ive heard before one minute then be playing a bluegrass tune the next and I even heard a vacuum cleaner in there and I was like....what?lol They had long 35 minutes songs and then short little songs and I was all over the So I listened to that cd for about a month just trying to absorb it and it wasn't until I got 12.31.95 a month later, out of curiosity, that I finally "Got It" and my life just blossomed into this whole other dimension.

I wish I could describe what listening to phish is like if you haven't listened to them before. It's every feeling you could imagine in one show. It's a total break from reality, it's goofy fun, it's spiritual, it's psychedelic, it's dark and heavy. I thought I listened to heavy music when I was into metallica and pantera. I was wrong. Yeah metallica is loud and heavy metal. But phish has some real heavy ass music. And I don't mean heavy in the metal sense. I mean heavy in like the classical sense, using chords and progressions and all that. With some of the darkest jams you've ever heard in your life. And they just come up with this stuff on the spot. It's amazing. People have alot of misconceptions about the band. they think it's just all happy hippy pot-head music and it's not. I don't do drugs and I can't get enough of listening to them. I love listening to all the diffrent shows they've done and hearing how each one is so diffrent. You see I was brought up in a house with two music teachers who listened to jazz and classical and a bunch of other stuff, they weren't rock lovers but I was when I got older and started getting my own cds. So with all that backround growing up, when I found phish it was like a dream come true. I had my rock, I had my improv, i had my classical, my funk, my jazz, bluegrass, you name it. Phish has it.

You see I have been moved by this band. Trey (the guitar player) doesn't play a guitar. He plays an emotion controller machine. Trey says hey Im gunna take you all on a trip and whoever wants to come, follow me. And of course what would trey be without the other guys in the band too, mike (bass) page (paino) and fish (drums). As trey stated in a interview once, the music is already out there all he does is channel it and execute it for all to hear.

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  1. Hey Adam! I love your blog! I'm so glad you decided to start your blog. You are a wonderful person with so much to offer to others. I'll be checking in on your blog regularly. Dr. Crew