Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Phish 12.29.94: Providence Civic Center, RI

So in my blog I will be talking alot about music and I figured what better place to start then my first livephish cd I ever bought. More specifically livephish 20 12.29.94: Providence Civic Center, RI. The setlist that night was like a long beautiful composition and is nothing but epic. Here is the setlist

Set 1: Runaway Jim> Foam, If I Could, Split Open and Melt, The Horse> Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, I Didn't Know, Possum

Set 2: David Bowie, Halley's Comet, The Lizards, Cracklin' Rose, Good Times Bad Times, My Long Journey Home

Encore: Sleeping Monkey

So the night starts off with a kick ass runaway jim into foam and I think the transition from these two songs is really genius. Foam is a really complex song, the band has said that it's probably the hardest song they play, and to go from a pretty standard rock song into something as complicated as foam is really tough to do. But I guess not that tough when your on lsd.lol Anyway the first set continues with a standard If I Could to calm things down a bit and then goes into a monster Split Open and Melt. Pretty short for a Split Open and Melt at only ab out 11 mins long. Then they bring things down again with a nice Horse into Silent in the Morning. Uncle Pen is always a fun song. If I could only hear one bluegrass song for the rest of my life I think it would be uncle pen. And then comes the ever favorite I Didn't Know when fish comes out with his electrolux vacuum and plays a nice little solo for everbody. Then the first set finished with a nice little possum.

Now for the second set, where the night really takes off into all kinds of places. The definate highlight of the second set and of the entire show is the David Bowie that clocks in at 35 mins long. This bowie is one of my favorites, it doesn't start off as usual with high hat from fish, but instead it starts off with a nice little loop jam from trey and mike and page join in on the structure that trey put out. It is definatly mind bending. After about 5 mins of loop jam they finally break out the main structure of the song and then after that are back to taking the song into a whole new direction. Im not going to describe all 35 mins of the jam but it reminds me of a peice by mahler called "Der Abscheid" from his 9th symphony "Das Leid Von Der Erde" If you've ever listened to that you would know what IM talking about. It takes you up and down and all around. And thats what this jam reminds me off. My favorite part of the song is when they totally break the song apart and are just whistling and trey is talking about lassie coming home and then is doing some banter. It will melt your face away, listen to this song in the complete dark straight threw and you'll know what im talking about. But I will continue with the rest of the set. After that amazing David Bowie they go into halley's comet and then into a nice Lizards with that beautiful guitar solo at the end of it. Next fish comes out again and they break out a cover of Neil Diamond's "Cracklin' Rose". Then after that another cover! This time of Good Times , Bad Times which they've covered alot and trey always does a nice job of. Then to end the night off after such a great show they wip out and acoustic version of My Long Journey Home with trey on acoustic guitar, mike on banjo, page on upright base, and fish on mandolin. Then finally with a soulfull and fun sleeping monkey.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to rate this one a 10 only because it was my first cd.lol and because of the awsome setlist and the david bowie. Oh yeah and because it was phish in 94 and phish in 94 rocks.