Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear President Obama,

What is going on? I don't even know where to begin. Why are you so blatantly turning your back on the people that got you elected? You promised change. You instilled hope in everyone, after the 8 years of hell we went through, and it's just turning out to be more of the same. Politicians for years have said the same things that you had said during you're campaing, but we thought there was something diffrent with you. We belived you. You brought people out in droves that had never voted before in their lives, all because they had some hope that you would be diffrent. They saw something in you. If you continue on the path that you have been taking the past year then you will be letting alot of people down. They will never vote again.

It is beyond sad to me that you cannot get REAL health reform to pass, with a majority in the house and senate and the White house. Please explain how this is possible. The senate bill that is to be voted on christmas eve is NOT health reform. And to claim victory in it's passing is unconcionable. Did you actually think that republicans would work with you? You've let them and the insurance companies step all over the bill and beat any form of a public option out of it and you want to claim this as a historic vote? Single-payer? gone. Public option? gone. Medicare buy-in? Out of here. What are we left with Mr. President? What are the people of this country left with? The people who came out and voted for you, the poor, the young, the minorities. A mandate?! A mandate to give these corporations even more money?! Thats health reform?!

"With liberty and justice for all..." Really? Those words ring hollow to me now. I cannot have any pride in those words that Ive repeated so many times in school as a kid, when we deny a segment of our society the right to marry or serve in the military. We as a nation OPENLY discriminate against people for their sexual orientation. Sounds really bad and hypocrytical when you say it to yourself. You've done nothing as of yet to address this.

You've adopted the bush doctorine and escalated the war in Afghanistan. In you're speech on Afghanistan you said that you "saw first hand the terrible wages of war". Im sorry Mr. President but you have not. You've seen bodies coming back in caskets but you have not experienced war. YOu haven't seen the millions of innocent people we have killed in our "crusade" against terrorism. Solving violent actions with more violent actions is not the way to go. America is a bully Mr. President. If we follow the bush doctorine with any sense of fairness then we should be invading ourselves for all of our secret sponsorships of terrorism that we have engaged in when it suits our interest. But I won't go into that. That'll be another post. All I will say is to just look at our Foreign policy history with Latin America....

You're going to let the people who took this country into the ditch take it further into the ditch because you and the democrats don't have a back bone. Bush and the neo-cons got 2 wars through with far less then you and with no problem at all. Ill just say it again President Obama...Whats the deal?


  1. 我從來不認為不同意我的看法就是冒犯..............................

  2. 不會從失敗中找尋教訓的人,成功之路是遙遠的。.................................................

  3. I am guessing you don't like Obama or teh demorcrats:)

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